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Random thought #1

What if you have autism but never find out you have it because you always live in your own world ? You could be a hero in your life but in real life you’re just a guy with autism who needs to be taken care of 24/7. How would you know you have autism if you never see the real world, only your own world?

Daydreaming, nightthinking

Sometimes when I lay in my bed I
overthinking stuff I did that day or just dream about how my feature may look like if I make a bad move. For example what if I don’t study for the exam for next week. Will I be broke and unhappy because I won’t be able to provide my family? All because I failed that one exam which caused me to fail my year? I get those thoughts a lot. Mainly because everybody is saying I will fail my year if I go on like how I’m doing now. It kinda gets me down sometimes becaus, well there’s one thing you should know about me and that is that I’m the douche of the classe. Every introvert person knows it. That one person in your class who never has enough attention on itself and thinks that he’s it. Well that’s me. I’m the clown in class. I try to be nice and friendly to everybody but my class doesn’t realy like me. They’re all smart kids who are very shy and on their own. Probly the reason why they can’t stand me. I make stupid jokes all te time and try to talk with my neighbour and stuff like that, while they never say a word. So because I’m “the douche” everybody expects me to fail my year. I’ve proven them wrong for 4 years now but this year isn’t going easy. I keep telling myself I make a final boost at the end of the year. I hope I will be able to do so.


Well because I’m new in the bloggerworld I will first introduce myself. I’m a guy, 15 years old, from Belgium. Well because I’m young I’ll excuse myself for all the spelling and grammer faults I will make in the future on this blog. In this blog I will mainly tell you how my life in school is. If I’d only talk about school this blog might get a little boring so I’ll probly talk a lot about all the things that pop up in my head. Random thoughts, my opinion on things that happen in the world, etc. Well with this being said I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and if I offend you with something write your complaints on a little paper, fold it 4 times and throw it away.